Designing a new kind of vehicle is a challenge: a desire for simple construction, harmonious proportions, lightness, and easy ergonomics on the one hand might conflict with cost effectiveness, reliable technology, practicality, and that impalpable need for individuality.
Three wheels: that’s the solution we have chosen to attain balance, lightness, and simplicity of construction. Previous templates wouldn’t provide these requirements: that’s why we came up with something totally new which embraced aerodynamic efficiency.
The high specification of the frame that’s required to carry 2 adults with cargo made us choose aluminium, while carbon fibre was the solution chosen for the monocoque. A remarkable technical achievement made possible only by consulting with best specialists in the field.
The Indimob styling uses strong and bold lines that create a slender form and the sportscar stylistic repertoire creates a pleasing but resolute look.
The outside view of the pedals was considered an opportunity to display the Indimob aesthetics: two little windows were added to show this unique feature, not to mention, of course, the enhanced visibility.
Indimob is a new urban species and it’s ready to convince people who have never considered a bicycle as a true vehicle, but also people who are expecting more from a bicycle, much more.

Indicargo pedaling position combines comfort, accessibility and pedaling efficiency.
The H point distributes the weight harmoniously, obtaining a very comfortable posture.
Steering is very easy and natural and doesn’t tire arms and shoulders.
The loading and unloading is easy thanks to the convenient flatbed position.

MotorBosch Cargo Line 250w/25Km/h 85Nm
Weight65kg ( base version )
Wheels1×20”front; 2×26” rear 
GearboxEnviolo HD
Brakes 4 piston calipers + handbrake 
BatteryPowertube 625w (1 or 2x) 
Headlamp7,5w; 150lux Led 
Taillamp2,3w; 7,5 Cd; 52 Led 
SuspensionsSR Suntour A32 cargo + 4x 165mm spring dumpers
Controller/ displayBosch Purion
Max loadDriver + 120kg

The Indimob range is equipped with heavy duty components such as special rims and tyres suitable for supporting two adults plus cargo. A wide range of accessories are available to enhance the user experience. You can buy them in the shop section of our website, and you can order them any time, according to your changing needs or simply to improve your vehicle

*estimate based on the two borderline cases: heaviest load, highest motor assistance, single battery and lightest load, lightest motor assistance and double battery

Indimob’s frame, brakes, stability and steering mechanisms have just been tested by TÜV SUD, meeting all regulations required by the Machinery Directive, moreover all the line up is compliant with the current E-Bike legislation all over Europe so it has complete access to bike lanes and limited traffic zones.

Indicargo is built on client specifications: tell us your needs and we’ll build the vehicle accordingly. Infos here.

~ 7.000 € *

* Price may vary basically according to the client’s specific design choices.