Q – Which kind of vehicle is Indimob?

A – Indimob is an E-Bike (EPAC). This means that you have an electric motor that assist you only if you’re pedaling

Q – Is Indimob allowed  on bike path/lanes? 

A – Indimob is allowed on bike lanes all-over Europe

Q – How it handles? 

A – Indimob’s low center of gravity guarantee high stability in curves and in every situation. Comfort is guaranteed by the front suspension and the 2 adjustable air rear dumpers

Q – Which kind of brakes does indimob mount?

A – Indimob adopt 3 strong idraulic disc brakes + handle brake

Q – What if the bike brakes? where can I go to fix it?

A – For the Bosch motor systems you’re guaranteed all over europe: you simply go to Bosch assistance point. For issues regarding the bike you can contact us at info@indimob.it and we will indicate the closest assistance point.

Q – Warranty?

A – As per European standard you have 2 years warranty

Q – How do I lock it?

A – You can use a normal padlock chain on the front wheel or on the frame. If you opted for the premium display/controller you can also block the motor via cell phone or by removing the controller.

Q – Do I need insurance or or registration plate?

A – Since Indimob is an EBIKE you don’t need no insurance or plate registration

Q – Can I bring a child or two?

A – Sure! by buying the rear rack child seat predisposition you can install a regular child seat. If you like to bring two you can buy the double child seat Pack which will be available soon.

Q – Can I change my vehicle configuration after purchasing?

A – You can always personalize or change your vehicle configuration whenever you want by checking on our accessories. For example you can buy a single seater with a child seat predisposition and then you can convert it in a double seater simply buying the rear seat kit.

If you’re not too much into “do-it-yourself” you can ask us where you can find help to mount your accessories.

Q – Can I later convert a Naked into a Coupè?

A – Yes you can! you can buy the carbon fiber body kit on our accessory shop and then contact us at info@indimob.it. Since this is an operation that requires skills we will address you to the nearest partner able to do it

Q – How fast is It?

A – Indimob can easily reach 25Km/h by almost effortless pedaling via motor assistance, than it’s up to you!

Q – Did you test it? Do you have EU Certifications?

A – Indimob has been tested and certified having TÜV as advisor and it’s EN 15194 / DIN 79010  compliant  which are the highest safety standards required for an E-bike